Thursday 18 November 2010

How time slips away

How time slips away. I am now into my third week in the promotion of my book. My publicists have been concentrating on magazines last week and have had a good response. They have asked for copies of the book and photographs. This week they are concentrating on radio stations and television.
Socially it’s been a desert with only two evenings of frivolity. One at a bar called Madison’s. I call it the flaming torches bar as the flames never seem to extinguish. They have music every night and they also have a restaurant. It was a Sunday and the band was rather on the ancient side playing Jazz. However, they were great musicians. Mike who I am staying with, had a female friend along and we danced.
Later we went to the Five o’ Clock Club where we were treated to Karaoke rock. The band seemed to be playing for themselves completely drowning out the singers. It was a strange mix.
My other enchanted evening was when Mike and I went to the Flamingo Bar for happy hour and had fantastic hamburgers and wine. It was a very elegant place and some interesting people at the bar. There would be more evenings of debauchery if I had more cash but staying in America for five months is a feat financially in itself.

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