Friday 2 July 2010

"An Unconventional Life"

"An Unconventional Life" my first book was an attempt to keep sane when I was unable to continue my tennis career for a year.This was a blow having just reached the quarter final of the European Veterans Championships in Austria. Although initally I tried to include true events into my book when working with an experienced college for three months after I thought that I had finished the book, I was surprised that she advised me to take out most of the true passages as the imaginary chapters were more interesting. However, broadly speaking, there is still a lot of truth there; wrapped up in my imagination.I became so involved with my story that I continually lost track of time, finding myself still at my lap top late into the night.Writing this book has changed my life, there seems more purpose in what I am doing nowadays. I am always wondering as I finish one book where my imagination will lead me next. To order a copy please visit the Jonathan Clft website.