Tuesday 29 June 2010

Tennis and laptops

As a writer I spend most of my time sitting down at my computer. So I decided that I must do something physical to ensure I had enough exercise. I had played tennis from an early age but pottering around on local tennis club courts were not challenging enough for me. Being an Aries person I have always charged ahead with all sorts of projects and always tend to take on more than I should be able to handle. So I entered the arena of the veteran’s tennis circuit world wide. If anyone thinks the circuit is just a bunch of old guys with bandages on their knees continually leaving the court to pee, think again.

You become a veteran at thirty five years old and your age groups change every five years. Consequently you are always playing with guys of about your age. After playing a few world ranking tournaments I was informed by a friend that I was in the world rankings. This was a catalyst for world travel to every tournament I could conceivably enter. However, among my tennis racquets there was always my laptop. I do massive amounts of writing at tournaments.

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